IPA (integrated physician association)

Mitigate readmission risk, reduce high-acuity care costs, and simplify transition management of your patients across the acute and post-acute care continuum


Manage Patients

Track and manage care for patients across multiple care settings throughout the process including admit, assess, refer, and discharge care stages.

Reduce Costs

Manage more patients with fewer staff using smart tools and an intelligent assistant that helps you identify anomalies and mitigate risks across the entire patient-care process.

Improve Adherence

Engage patient, family, and care team using automated pre-admit and post-discharge instructions.

Smart Referrals

Use recommendations for patient referrals through condition-based relative network performance analysis.

Reduce Rehospitalization

Focus on at-risk patients in the post-acute care setting and perform root-cause analysis of active readmissions.

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